Are you a small business owner in need of help with your digital marketing? Look no further! We understand that taking your business online is a huge undertaking, so we want to make the process as approachable and straightforward as possible. 

The term “brand” has become one of those words that has almost propelled itself into the hallowed halls of business jargon due to its ubiquity and, frankly, overuse. If we had a bitcoin for every time we heard the phrase ‘brand’, we’d be internet millionaires. But more a lucrative situation would be if we had a bitcoin for every time we heard a misperception about what branding is, then we could buy the entire internet. It might be easier to start with what a brand ISN’T.

Al La Carte

Despise being tied into a long-term contract? We get it! That’s why we offer our clients with a better option… Al La Carte projects! Maybe you want to run a one-time email marketing or social media campaign. Maybe it’s just a website build. Whatever your project is, we’re here for it! Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll take over from there.

With Indigo, you’re always our number one priority! 

In today’s digitally-driven world, search visibility is necessary to thrive and grow your business. Search engine optimization (SEO) builds your online presence by assessing where your current rankings stand and using opportunities to climb above the noise of the metaverse. 

Indigo Digital Marketing begins with a 6-step SEO audit to pinpoint problem areas and potential search engine ranking page (SERP) opportunities. In-depth research of an existing website allows our team to provide recommendations specific to a client’s business goals. We improve their SERPs and monitor site performance, optimizing all new content for to rank in search.

9 out of 10 online users click off a home page if the website is confusing or poorly designed. It is crucial in this day and age to adhere to usability and maintain visual appeal. At Indigo Digital Marketing, we work with clients to create websites that make navigating a breeze and resonate with their target market. Our goal is to create a digital experience that keeps the user intrigued.

Check out some of our recent work and see the Indigo effect.

When it comes to social media, everybody is somebody. Social media affects all areas of your company—sales, marketing, production, customer service, legal, and brand growth. This is why your company’s social media shouldn’t be run by just one person. To maximize your social impact, you need a social media strategy that is representative of both your company and your consumers. To be really effective, it takes a village. 

That’s where Indigo Digital Marketing comes in. Our team works with clients to create dynamic marketing strategies that help their brands thrive in the social media space.

Fractional CMO 

We understand that a full-time Chief Marketing Officer can be expensive, so our fractional services bridge this gap. We specialize in B2B and B2C marketing functions – no matter what kind of strategy you need. Our fractional CMO will empower your growing business with honest feedback, consultations, guidance, direction and training that are tailored to meet your specific needs. 

At Fractional CMO, we have one goal: ensuring your business reaches its benchmarks quickly and efficiently. Our approachable team of professionals will help develop a customized plan for your company that is designed to drive maximum results from finite resources. 

Stop struggling with marketing initiatives on your own! Reach out to Fractional CMO today and find out how we can liberate you from the challenges of handling it all by yourself.

Are you a small business owner looking for marketing that will bring local customers to your door? Not sure where to start? No worries – Local SEO is here and ready to help! 

Local SEO is essential for businesses as almost half of all Google searches are geared towards finding local information. Utilizing local SEO tactics can help ensure that your business shows up on relevant local search engine results, such as social profile pages, links, citations, and content. These signals send the message that you’re connected to the area and will let potential customers know about the products or services you’re offering in their community. That way, these people – who are already actively searching for businesses like yours – can discover you!

At Indigo, we provide several different SEO packages tailored to fit every budget and make sure it’s super easy to use too. Our knowledgeable team of experts is always ready to provide advice on which strategies may work best for your business; so don’t worry if all this feels completely new to you! We understand the needs of small business owners better than anyone and are here to make sure that you get the best ROI possible when marketing locally. With our help and dedication, rest assured: local searches will never overlook you!